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Sensie Brodie

Chief Instructor

Yodan - 4th Dan Black Belt

"Teaching karate gives me the opportunity to share with the community. It allows me to pass on what I have learned from great teachers that has added  significant value to my life."  

Sensei Brodie first started learning karate in 2009.  He studied under Sensei Sanford Dewitt at the Lindsay Wado Kai.

He is a Yodan (4th Dan Black Belt) in the SWKKF Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation.


Sensei Brodie also holds a black belt in kick-boxing, having studied under Sensie Bill "Super Foot" Wallace.

Sensei Brodie was selected as a member of the Canadian National Shintani Team in 2012. 

As a member of the Canadian Team, he has competed nationally across Canada and internationally in Las Vegas (twice), Scotland, Ireland, Japan and Italy.


Sensei Brodie's most recent win in 2019 was a gold medal (Kumite) and a silver medal (Kata) in Italy.


Other career wins include:

Scotland - silver medal (Kumite)

Japan -  2 bronze medals (Team Kumite and Kata)


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